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looking to make an impact?

If you’re looking to make an impact in the lives of parents/primary caregivers and their families, have facilitation experience, and a genuine desire to help others, you could be a fit to bring this program to parents/families of special-needs children in your market area.

For organizations serving underage and/or adult special-needs children of various diagnoses, cognitive and/or physical, this program provides an opportunity to expand upon the existing relationships with the parents/families of the special-needs clients being served, broadening your impact by bringing a program designed for parents/primary caregivers and families of the special-needs clients being served.

This program could create additional revenues that could be significant depending on the number of programs delivered in your geographic market areas.

The pandemic has helped shine a light on the stress, anxiety, depression, and challenges parents/primary caregivers are experiencing. These challenges have become even more pronounced, sometimes causing intense situations. Therefore, a program designed for parents/primary caregivers can be of life-enhancing value to them and their families.


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