Caregiver Resolution Session

A practical common-sense solution for caregiver-oriented advocacy.

A virtual program to help you resolve matters of significance faster, for less money.

As caregivers, it’s normal to find ourselves in situations that require our focused attention to resolve; matters that cause stress, aggravation, and money, if not resolved to our satisfaction. These matters are sometimes characterized as David vs. Goliath, in which it seems we are facing massive odds of getting resolution on behalf of our children with special-needs.

It could be a claim that was denied by your health insurance company regarding your child, costing you serious money. A school district dragging their feet regarding an IEP. Being overcharged by a hospital visit. A service provider not providing the proper standard of care, although you’re still getting billed. A county or state-based matter that is taking forever to be resolved. Or you need an appointment with a specialist for your child, but you can’t get in.

These are examples of matters that need resolution. Numerous scenarios come up as a caregiver, where it would be nice to have a process to more effectively navigate “the system” and help us achieve resolution to our matters faster, for less money, and less stress. Because most of us are not so skilled at these types of things, this process can be very beneficial to you and your family.

Additional information

The Power to Get Justice book is included in session fee. It serves as the reference guide for sessions.

Note: Attendees must register at least 2 weeks in advance of session for book to arrive.

Please watch the video for an explanation of how this program helps parents resolve important issues related to their special-needs children faster, for less money.



The Caregiver Resolution Session is a virtual program taught via Zoom over three 2-hour sessions.

It is taught by the founder, a national bestselling author of five books and a person who has trained over 100,000 professionals over a 24-year period on the successful methodologies he has created.

Session One

Essence of the step-by-step process shared, creating the baseline for why the process is effective.  

Session two

Teaching you how to access the proper people to help resolve your matter faster, helping you shape/structure the communication of your message to increase awareness and urgency.

Session three

Helping structure your letter to the proper people identified so it is ready to be sent.

waiting list

Resolution Session Fee: $535.00

Includes Power to Get Justice book mailed in advance of first session.

If this program sounds interesting, please sign up to our waiting list. Once the first four sessions are scheduled you will receive an email with that information so you can determine if you would like to attend one of the sessions, along with payment details.

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