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Welcome to a unique series of events crafted with the heart of a caregiver in mind, offering a nurturing space for empathy, connection, and dedicated advocacy. At Reach for Me, we understand the multifaceted challenges faced by caregivers, and our events are designed to empower you through every step of your journey. From deep-dive forums that foster understanding and shared experiences to step-by-step guides aimed at navigating the complexities of caregiving, each gathering is an opportunity to strengthen your skills and resilience. Join us in building a supportive community where every caregiver receives the tools, knowledge, and encouragement needed to thrive. Together, we can power through challenges and celebrate the profound impact of our caregiving roles. 


Current Events

More Events coming soon

We are actively planning more fantastic events for you! Keep an eye on this space for updates and announcements. We promise to bring you unique and engaging experiences that you won’t want to miss. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support — great things are coming soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you!


The Caregiver Resolution Session Informational

Free 60-minute Webinars via Zoom

Learn how to navigate the system, cut through bureaucracy, and save up to $10,000 a year. Our program focuses on resolving critical caregiver-related issues with efficiency and urgency. Join us in our 60-minute free webinars, featuring an exclusive interview with the Editor of Exceptional Needs Today, Amy KD Tobik, and Founder of Reach For Me, Micheal A. Boylan, discussing his 5th book, “The Power to Get Justice.” This book is a lifeline for families managing the care of special-needs children or aging relatives.