It’s about caring for the caregivers

Founded by the single father of a special-needs child on the autism spectrum whom he has been raising on his own for the past 17 years, the mission of Reach for Me is simple. It is to help the parents and families of special-needs children of any diagnosis, cognitive or physical, underage or adult, by providing an affordable and respectful forum of support, connection, and caregiver-oriented advocacy. We are a community of like-minded people who share similar paths, uplifting and encouraging one another and improving their lives.

The step-by-step process you will learn is designed to help better manage the tough stuff that comes along, improving your mental health, well-being, and resiliency, empowering you to live your best life as a caregiver. It’s about caring for the caregivers, so we can show up every day as our best selves. You will also learn another process you can use to advocate for yourself; a process that can help you resolve important matters related to your special-needs child/children faster, for less hassle and less money.

We believe parents/primary caregivers and families experience many of the same kinds of challenges, regardless of the diagnosis of our special-needs child/children. And there is power and comfort we all gain from sharing our own stories, challenges, hardships, and inspirational moments, helping us all power through. This is the uniqueness of The Reach for Me Network. The goal is to make our lives better! Maybe even less stressful and more rewarding.

founder’s message

Learn why this network can be so beneficial for you and your family.



Michael Boylan


Michael Boylan is a successful entrepreneur of 25 years, national bestselling author of 5 books, a nationally recognized keynote speaker and developer of corporate training programs which have benefited 100,000 professionals and 20 Fortune 500s such as IBM, Microsoft, ADP, Robert Half, Cap Gemini, CBS and others.

He is the single father of an adult special-needs son on the autism spectrum. RFM is his 4th entity. He has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg Financial, Fox and Friends, ABC, NBC, CBS and other network interviews about his books and programs.

He enjoys hiking, skiing, running and music.

Sonja Watson

Manager of Program Delivery

Sonja Watson leads the content and program delivery efforts of RFM.

She is a seasoned professional of 18 years in content design and delivery, formerly for a $500M company. Her experience/ insight into packaging and delivery of material in the digital world assists RFM in its multi-channel distribution efforts.

She is an accomplished sports enthusiast who competes in international ultra-marathons.  

John Christenson

Vice President of Technology

John leads RFM’s technology development and operations with 25+ years of experience in architecting highly scalable web-based, cloud and SaaS systems for Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations. 

He has lead teams across departments as a technology-focused professional with deep project management experience around mission critical applications.

He is an accomplished golfer.

Eric Ellis

Digital Marketing Manager

A seasoned Marketing Manager with over ten years of expertise in the digital marketing domain, he specializes in formulating and executing comprehensive strategies spanning the Google Display Network and diverse social media channels. His mission revolves around leveraging the dynamic potential of digital media to amplify brand awareness, fuel demand, and cultivate unwavering loyalty toward the outstanding products and services he represents.

He loves to spend his free time traveling and exploring new locations

Megan French

Lead Designer

Megan has held key design roles for the largest healthcare organization in the world. She is  responsible for the look and visual appeal of all Reach For Me materials.

She is a hiking enthusiast and an accomplished competitive cyclist.


We understand.
And so do other members.

A membership network for parents & families of children with special-needs of any diagnosis: cognitive or physical.

A forum of support, connection, new friendships, inspiration and advocacy.